I love coffee.  It gets me up in the morning.  I don’t drink it to wake up.  I wake up to drink coffee.

Once upon a time I’d get up, put the kettle on and pour some boiling water over some months old coffee granules of which I have no idea as to how they were produced or farmed.  Rubbish taste and just a mild kick!

Nowadays I spend a good 15 minutes crafting the perfect espresso or latte to enjoy before the long arduous day ahead.  That’s the point – I do enjoy it!  Its almost become a hobby for the morning trying different beans, different grinds and tinkering with the various tools available refining and learning how to get the most our the most beloved of all liquids!  Despite what you think, with the right tools and motivation its easy to beat even the best of high street chains at their game.

So, hence this blog.  I’ll write about what I do and what I use in the hope we can have some fun with it.  Its good to share, apparently!


coffee beans

Is there a more wonderful sight or smell?